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23rd Annual BBQ N Blues Festival

June 09, 2018

11 A.M. - 3 P.M.



            The 2018 BBQ ‘N Blues Festival will be held on Saturday, June 09, at 305 E. Grandstaff Road, Cushing, OK.  The Festival is the way that the Cushing Chamber of Commerce and its members as well as the City of Cushing pays tribute to the Pipeline Industry.  The pipeline companies also are very heavily involved in the Saturday public festivities.  The companies each barbecue 110 pounds of brisket to serve to those barbecue afficionados who come out each year to enjoy the food, live music and children’s activities.

            However, Saturday is not the start of the event.  The Thursday before the Festival, pipeline companies and businesses in the Oil and Gas Industry, along with their employees, friends and business acquaintances, tee off at the Buffalo Rock Golf and Gun Club early on Thursday morning at the Pipeline Appreciation Golf Tournament.  Two rounds of golf, one in the morning and one in the afternoon on Thursday and one round of golf Friday morning are held.  In 2017, ONE HUNDRED (100) teams were entered and played in the golf tournament. 

             A sporting clay shooting event will be held the Thursday before the festival as well.  Three rounds will be held, one round at 8:00 a.m.,one round at 11 a.m., and one round  at 2:00 p.m. held here in Cushing.

            Then Friday evening, those same people along with the BBQ ‘N Blues Festival Sponsors gather at the Festival Site for a private party and Trade Show held in their honor to do some relaxed networking, listen to live music and in general enjoy each other’s company.  Attendees of the Friday Night Private Party will get a special treat with the bands we have lined up for this special night.  

            The public portion, and the most FUN portion of the BBQ ‘N Blues Festival, will be held Saturday morning/afternoon.  It will start at 11:00 a.m. and go until 3:00 p.m.  The Festival on Saturday is open to the public.  There is no admission fee, however, should you want to taste some of the most delicious barbecue for miles around, it will cost you $5 to buy a “Taster’s Kit.”  You will get to SAMPLE a taste of each Pipeline Company's BBQ, and vote for the "People's Choice".   The BBQ sells out fast, so make sure to come early!  Also in your"Taster's Kit" bag will be some of the pipeline company swag.  One per customer, and must purchase a taster's kit in order to get the Pipeline Company Swag Bag.  

            The barbecue is prepared on the World’s Largest Permanent Smoker.  Thanks to the generosity and hard work by Larry Brewer and his Matrix team, we have 15 arms extending from the firebox.  The way it works is 15 arms extend from the firebox and each company who cooks hangs their grill from one of the arms and uses the firebox in the smoker to prepare their meat.  This years companies that will do the cooking are Plains, Enbridge, Matrix Service, NGL, Enlink Midstream, Roserock, Centurion, Blue Knight, Magellan, Deeprock, and Marathon.  All of the Pipeline Companies have the coolest smoker boxes, and are definitely a sight to see.  They are made to represent their respective Pipeline Company, and all smoker boxes come with a fascinating story that you just gotta hear.  

            Somewhere around 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, awards will be given out in two categories.  One is known as the “People’s Choice” and the second will be the “Judges’ Choice.”  Besides having KCBS certified judges whose job is to decide who has the best tasting barbecued brisket, the people who purchase Taster’s Kits will also be supplied with a ticket that will allow them to vote for their favorite barbecue.  The competition is fierce and the winner gets to brag for an entire year until the next BBQ ‘N Blues Festival.  Their competition ensures that the brisket you eat will be the best you ever had! 

          As you fill your plate full of some of the best BBQ you have ever had, this is also an opportunity for the public to talk one-on-one with the Pipeline Companies in Cushing, to ask questions and find out information.  Okie811 will also be there to educate the public on safety in and around Oil and Gas Industry Country.  All will have swag bags to give to the public, as well!  There's always lots of cool stuff in the swag bags!

            The Festival is called BBQ ‘N Blues so let’s talk about the Blues part of the Festival.   For 2018, we will be selecting some smokin' hot bands!  Sometimes the bands are a mix of Blues and Jazz; some are just Blues; and some are original songwriters that mix every musical genre into one set!  The bands we choose are ones that are up-and-comers and/or been on the scene for awhile; both bands will be ones you won't want to miss LIVE.  The bands for 2018 are The River Gypsies as the opening act, and The Silvertones as the headliner.  See the 2018 Performer's page for more info on them!

             And we have SO much free activities for the kiddos!  We bring in our Jumpin' Jiminy, with all their awesome rides; bounce houses; and games for the kids to have fun while the adults listen to the great music and talk to the Pipeline Companies about everything that's going on in the Oil and Gas Industry.  Okie811 will also be there to educate the adults about the Oil and Gas Industry, as well as cool and fun educational materials for kids.  Face painting is also waiting to entertain the kids (and adults!)  All for FREE!

          So make plans to bring your family out to the 23rd Annual BBQ N Blues Festival, it's a great time!